4.1 Basic Operations

fmCustomers - Basic operationsfmCustomersSM

To perform the basic operations like add, edit, delete customers you can use Customers toolbar or use any of customers context menu.

Customer section
Edit selected customer option

Most frequently used option at the Customers section is Edit Customer.

You can call Edit Customer dialog by double-clicking on ones' record or pressing the corresponding icon on the toolbar.

The same form also appears, when you press 'Add New' icon.

Add and Edit customer

"Edit Selected Customer" window displays required and most important information about the customer: Password, Associate to Website, First Name, Last Name, Email, Customer Group, addresses, telephone etc.

To get more details on customer's data editing you can in the appropriate sub-page below.

Edit customer form

"Refresh data" allows forces customers list update.

It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

Add new customer button

"Add New"- calls blank 'Edit Customer form', which is used to create a new product.

Add new customer form

You can "Delete Customer" from your store with the help of an appropriate button. Delete customer(s) option is available on the toolbar or customer context menu.

Delete selected options

Highlight necessary customer(s) and resort to it to delist customer and information referred to them. The dialog box that appears asks your confirmation to remove the record.

deletion confirmation

In the event that you need to derive a list of customers for further processing, you are able to export customer data to Excel / HTML/XML/ TXT / CSV files.

Corresponding options are available on customer toolbar.

Just select customers you have to export, press corresponding icon "Export Grid" and indicate where exactly this file will be saved.

Export Grid option

"Customer filter" - sort customers using column headings:

Filter parameters

"Adjust columns width" - use this option to adjust the columns.

'Addons' option serves for transferring the selected customers and their details to the QuickBooks addon directly from the Customers section.

Export Customers to QuickBooks

You can use the top toolbar or the context menu as well to launch the Export Addon's Wizard.

According to the last program's update (starting from the version 2.4.0.:1281 of Store Manager for OpenCart) the customers details can be reflected in the reports of the following types:

Reports in Customers page