3.6 Product Filters and Views

fmProducts - Products Filter

This option in Store Manager allows you to filter and sort products and data of your store in this order - for more convenient viewing of them.

On the product page you can find the appropriate filter and grouping buttons in the toolbar.



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There are several ways to filter your data using filter option of Store Manager:

1) The first and easier method is alphabetically sorting of the products data. It is enough to click on the necessary column heading which you want to filtering.

For example, you need to put your products name alphabetically - click on the 'Name' column and you will see how relocated products names in alphabetical order. You can also sort your products data for other indicates:

by price, by category name etc.

The only difference lies in the fact, that, if data is numeric - it will be sorted in numerical order.

Also Store Manager allows you to rearrange columns according to your needs. For example, you would like to see product price in the next column after name product, category and model next to the price column.

In order to rearrange columns, simply drag any column header, and drop it, where you would like to see it. Also you can hide or show columns, using the list icon.

Drag and drop it

2) Another way to organize data is to filter it. A filter only displays data, that meet a certain criteria, such as all records, OpenCart products with a specific price or model etc.

To do this, find the arrow next to the column header name. Click on the arrow and select the criteria, that you would like to use as a filter (e.g. you would like to see all products that are belonging to a specific category).

Check the corresponding check-box and Store Manager will now display only the records, that are belonging to the specific categories.

Category filter

In the 'Model' column you have an possibility to filter your product's model by alphabetically or by numbering:

3) In the drop-down menu of each column header there is an option 'Custom...' - an advanced filter, that makes it possible to manually set the parameters of the filter, that you need.

Custom filter option

For example, you can filter products to display records, that have a value greater (or less) , than a certain number in the column, that you are filtering.

You can also use the Custom filter tool to display only records with some specific values.

Custom filter form

You can save your filters, using Save as an option or open any filter that was previously saved into file.

You can combine sorting and filter options to see OpenCart products, that meet very specific parameters.

4) Group Box option shows you a box on top that says "Drag a column header here to group by that column"

Group box option

Every time you drag any column header and drop it there (Status grouping is shown below), OpenCart products will be grouped by this parameter, where condition appears as folders (marked in blue) and products are listed after expanding any folder. There's also a possibility to build a "category tree" using this filter type. Let's assume you want all your products grouped by Name, Category, Model, Price and Image.

To do this just drag Category, Name, Price or other headers of the columns in the gray field and drop them behind. If you drag column header back it will be placed between the columns where you drop it.

Check an example below:

Group box filtering

If you drag column header back it will be placed between the columns where you drop it.

5) In the toolbar of the Product Page you can find 'Filter' option, that allows you to filter store items for the specified parameters, namely:

- Filter by selected category(ies). This filter allows seeing product names that are belonging only to the selected category.

Please note, that some products may not be assigned to any category, so you will not be able to see them using this filter type.

- If you want to display all products list regardless of the category(ies), you have to use the second filter parameter - Show all products.

The new filter positions were added to the updated versions of Store Manager for OpenCart. You can, in addition, filter the products' data by the following parameters:

- by the selected and nested categories

Filter by selected and nested categories

It is means the items which are belong to the selected categories and their sub-categories will be displayed after current filter application.

- show products without category

Show products without categories

Current parameter demonstrates the product positions which do not have the categories assignment.

Built-In Simple and Advanced VirtueMart Product Filters

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