3.2 Edit products in Bulk


Store Manager for OpenCart allows you to make changes with several products at the same time.You can use “Edit selected products in bulk” option for this operation.

Select required products in one category and press the appropriate button in the top menu or click on the right button of your mouse, then choose the required command from the context menu.

Edit selected products

Choose required tabs in the section below and change data related to the selected previously products:

- in Generalsection you can change basic information about your products (model, manufacturer, price, quantity, status etc);

- in Description’ section you can add or delete data from product description;

- in Additional’ section you can change SKU number, the location of your selected products, tax class, points etc.;

- in Categories section you can assign selected products to another category;

- you can add new (from local drive or from FTP) or delete existing images in the ‘Images’ section;

- in ‘Related products’ section you can add related products to selected ones,

using “Product search” or remove them from the product list.

- downloads tab uses only if you have the downloadable products in your product list. To create new downloads you should to specify the name for the downloadable product, launch the file and establish an allowance for every download of this product for each customer of the store. If you have any downloads, you can export them to Excel/HTML/XML/Text file in the ‘Downloads section;


- ‘Discounts’ section allows to add data about provided discounts to your selected products; there you can add new ones or remove existing discounts from the list;

- Specials’ section plays the same role as the discounts and may be confined to a specific date or holiday. You may fill the necessary fields as customer group, quantity, priority, price, the dates.

- next section contains information about customer group and it's reward points where you can set for your customers the 'bonus points' for every ordered product from your store. And customers can use these points to purchase.

- Stores section allows you to assign your selected products to the appropriate on-line store;

- ‘Design’ section can be used for the administrative design of your store.

If you want to make your product visible on the other layouts not only the product page, you can select from the list the required one layout to be able to see the product on this page.

Don't forget to press “Apply” button to save your entries.

Once you click this button, all modifications will be posted to your database to selected products.

More information on the bulk operations with the products you can find at the following guide below:

How to Update OpenCart Products in Bulk?

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