3.3 Product Options and Values

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Store Manager for OpenCart allows creating options with values separately and then link products to them.

Show Options and Values section

Go to Store - Options & Values and press the button "Add new option":

Add New Option button

and fill out all the fields with the required data:

- data tab - name of your product option;

Add new option

- content tab - select option's type and sort order.

Content tab of option edit form
Apply button

Then click to save an option. In order to create a product option, in the right side of the window, you can assign it to the appropriate values.

Press 'Add new value' button and fill all the fields to create new value.

For example, “size” option has the following values:

Specify the appropriate value's name in the data tab of edit value form below:

Add New value form

In the content tab you should fill the fields with the following data:

- select from the drop-down list the type of option which particular option's value is assigning to:

Option's value type

- add the image to the particular option's value - if you use, for example, 'color' option and indicate the yellow , as one of its values, you can select the image with the item in such color to illustrate it on the products page:

Add image value option
image from external source

Use the button to upload a file with necessary media from the local drive .

Image from local drive

or from FTP server .

- sort order - current value will be sorted in the option values list depending on the specified number of its position.

Apply button

After creating each value option, click the button to apply the changes. .

You should now see your new option values in the list.

Please note, starting from version 1.16.0 (build 601) if store has several store views you are able to specify options name and option value's name for each store view in one Edit form:

Options and Values Edit form for Several Store Views

Go to Store - Categories/Products, select those products you want to assign acceptable option. In the menu below choose tab “Option”:

Pressing the similar button to add new product option,

you should see a list of created options (in case, there is the one - material).

Select the appropriate option and click on the button ‘Add new product option value’ on the right side.

Choose one of the value, which appeared in a drop-down.

Add new product option value

Select necessary value and fill in such fields as:

Price Prefix: +/- base product price. 10$ product +/- the option price

Price: the option price.

This allows you to assign the same product options with different values.

When all changes are made, don’t forget to press Apply’.

New product option is available.

You can also load an image for each value from your local disk or assign it via FTP connection.

Add image to value

Check the following guide to get more information on the options and values and the basic operations with them in Store Manager for OpenCart:

OpenCart Product Options and Values

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