Update data in the multilingual store at once


In case you manage the multilingual store and want to update data for each language art once - use the Import Wizard tool.

File to import

Prepare the file to import, make sure the data for each store view is located in the separate columns .

For example, in the test file the description information is placed in columns with the appropriate columns headings:

    • for English view - Description_(en)
    • for Italian view - Description_(it)
    • for Dutch view - Description_(de) etc.

To start updating the data - press the Import/Export wizard tool on the Products page.

There are couple of ways where you can find the appropriate option:

    1. From the top menu of the program:
Store->Import/Export wizard

2. From the context menu on the Products page

Import-Export from context menu

3. From the top toolbar of Products page

Import/export wizard from the top toolbar

Use one of them and choose the necessary action on the Welcome page to start the process.

Welcome page of Wizard

Go through the basic steps of import wizard - till the linking step.

Linking step of Importing

Take your special account to the Linking stage - you can see the list of database field which can be linked with the appropriate columns from a file.

! Be sure you have assigned the all required data for all store views with the corresponding database fields.

In our case, we need to assign all columns with the descriptions from a file with the appropriate fields of the store database.

You should remember, only the linked columns will be transferred and the unlinked ones will be non-modified.

To be able to proceed you need to choose one of the identification fields by helping with the Store Manager will recognize (identify) the data while importing.

Description fields linking

Move to the next steps - on the ‘Preview Import’ step you can see the data prepared for transferring.

Run the process and wait till the import is completed.

Preview import step

The following window notifies the import process is completed and reflects the results of the transferring:

Final step of importing

Now, go to the Products page of Store Manager and in the lower menu grid you can see the updated information.

Open each language tab to preview the description text which has been imported :

Description for each store view

On the Front-End you can change the content of the product description depending on the chosen language as well:

Choose language in the Front-End