6. Orders

fmOrders, frxPreviewForm, ParamsFillForm, fmEditOrderCustomers

OpenCart Orders section displays detailed information on all the orders placed by your customers.

When you pressed the button - 'Edit Selected Order' - you enable to:

Edit selected order form

- see 'customer details' - who made this order (address, name, telephone, customer group etc);

- see or edit order details in the corresponding tab - check shipping and payment method, change order status, leave some comments about this order, choose the required currency and so on;

- check and, if necessary, edit the data for payment allows payment details tab;

- see basic shipping details helps the appropriate tab in 'Order' section;

- revise products that have been added to this order;

- view whether the order has a voucher code (in the 'Vouchers' tab you can delete the current voucher or export it to the file using 'Export Grid' option);

- revise your order history, if such information is available or comments about it left while making purchase.

Using the main toolbar in the 'Order' section you can also perform:

- export data to Excel/HTML/XML/Text using the Export Grid drop-down menu;

- use additional addon’s drop-down menu that allows you to export orders data into Quickbooks software.

In the context menu you can find the appropriate option as well:

Export orders to QuickBooks

In the right side of the window choose the filter parameter what you can filter the appropriate orders by :

Show filter tool

There are some additional options in the toolbar which help to show the hidden sectors on Orders page.

For example, if the Filter is not available the next option makes it acceptable:

a) press the option below:

Show filter option

b) you will see the necessary sector in the right corner:

Filter option

You can view all the orders placed at your store irrespective of their status by checking Ignore order status, in the 'Filter' section in the right side of the window.

You can also choose any other time period and order status there:

The same, if you want to see the summary of order price with all taxes and payments - call the 'Totals' area.

Among the top options find the appropriate sign - that opens the particular sector in the lower right corner of the window:

Show Totals  area

Press it and in the required sector will appear - you can see the final price for the order there (sub total field - it is the basic price for ordered product and total amount - the price with taxes and possible discount, if there are any).

Show Totals sector in Orders page


Starting from the last update of Store Manager for OpenCart (from ver. 2.2.0 Build:1205) enable to print a receipt for ordered product(s) directly from the Orders page of the program.

You can find the necessary option in the top toolbar of the current section:

Receipt printer option

The receipt size and the device of the printing are taken from the settings page to which you can get by following such way in Store Manager: Settings->Preferences->Receipt Options:

Receipt options

Choose the necessary printer from the drop-down list and indicate the format of the receipt in the field below:

Receipt format

The reports related to the orders details can be previewed from the Orders page directly. The appropriate option is represented among the top toolbar options':

Reports options

If you have any suggestions about Order section in Store Manager for OpenCart, please, go ahead and contact our support team for help.