3.1 Basic Operations


To perform basic operations you can use Products Toolbar:

Top toolbar

Or use context menu:

Products context menu

You can perform such basic operations as:

1. Refresh data forces product list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

Add new option

2. Add product- - calls general product settings window.

Add product form

3. To edit the product you can double-click on it or use edit product button.

Edit product option

It calls edit product form for the product you have selected.

Delete product option

4. To delete selected product(s) from your store use delete button- . Pay attention that you won't be able to undo delete from store option.

Remove from the selected category button

You can also remove the appropriate products from the selected category(ies) by pressing this button.

Adjust - expand columns width

5.To Adjust columns width use icon or use column auto width option .

6. You can Export products to EXCEL, to XML or to HTML, by using the button.

7. You can perform the 'copy/paste' actions, by pressing the appropriate buttons from the top menu in the Product page.

The copy option opens the list of the product details which will be duplicated (copied) if you mark with the ticks the appropriate variants.

Copy options details
Clone button

8. In order to create the same products with the different ID's in the opened category you can use the button.

9. To be able to link products with the necessary category(ies) you should choose the 'Categories' tab on the Lower Product Grid.

Categories tab

Once it opened press 'Quick Add' option to expand the Categories tree on the left.

Quick Add button

Double clicking on the category position or pressing the 'Add' button below allows assigning products to the selected category(ies). The whole list of the assigned positions will be reflected on the right.

To save all updates do not forget to hit 'Apply' option.

Apply button
Remove from selected categories

10. To remove items from the selected category press the appropriate button in the top toolbar