'Pages' section in Store Manager is designed for creation the new static page. It will be displayed at your store as an additional promotional extra page or extend the information on your store's products.

To be able to create the new page and its content, go to Store top tab of Store Manager and click on the Pages icon.

Pages sector updated

The sector is divided into the two panes: the left one shows the list of all pages available at the store and named ‘Information’ and the right one - details of their contents.

Two panes of Pages section

Click on the ‘Add new’ button and fill the form with necessary information, i.e.:


Specify the new page title(name), description and metadata of the current page for SEO improvement.

General tab

The title should be laconic and informative.

Description - the content of the page will be shown in the footer menu and the new page heading.

Use HTML editor to add rich media text and fill the meta title field.

The title, description and meta title fields are mandatory.

In addition, you can type the meta keyword and description which the current page will be associated with or leave the fields unfilled.

The Content tab contains the fields for additional information.

Content tab

The checked bottom field means the page will be displayed in the footer information box of the site. Sort order is responsible for the position of the new page compared to other pages.

If you need to place it higher than the rest, you need to specify the lower sort order. The 'Status' position makes the current page enabled (activated) at the store’s site.

In the 'Design' tab choose the layout which the page will be taken for each store view separately.

Design tab

If you manage the multi stores, assign the newly-created page to the appropriate store in the next tab - 'Stores'.

Stores tab

Once all details are filled, press ‘Apply’ button for activation.

Apply button

By using the top toolbar you can perform the following actions:

Information top toolbar
|Refresh button
    • Refresh the page to reflect the latest updates
Add New
    • Add new record to the available list
Edit button
    • Edit page option opens the form of Editor where you can make the modification
Delete button
    • Delete record from a list
Columns for preview
    • Columns for preview option - choose the columns you want to be displayed in the Information panel
Search option
  • Search option.

If you have the pretty comprehensive site with many pages, this option facilitates the search process of the necessary one.

Set the search parameters in the appropriate field and choose the identifiers by which the program will filter the data and press the launch button.

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