8. Advanced Settings

fmPreferences - Advanced Settings

Advanced settings can help you to work with Store Manager. In order to find this tab, open Preferences.

There are the following sections :

- startup page;

- dialogs;

- feedback settings;

- HTML settings;

- barcode settings.

Advanced settings

Advanced Settings section allows you to:

    • show or hide the banner
    • show or hide tips and tricks on start-up
    • show or hide Minimize Store Manager application to tray icon.
    • specify store URL. It can be the same as database host, in case it is different, you can specify it here.This URL is used to go to product page using products context menu.

Startup Page

If you want to start working in Store Manager from a specific section choose required one from the drop-down list of Advanced settings :

Startup page

In case you check the field above - every time you starting with the page you used in Store Manager the last time.


You can see all dialogs which were selected or unselected. You can also change their statuses by checking the appropriate check-boxes.


Feedback Settings

In Store Manager for OpenCart Preferences, you may enable or disable the option of Anonymous Usage Statistics.

You may enable this option and accordingly allow us to improve our software by collection anonymous usage statistics.

Feedback settings

HTML Settings

You may enable or disable HTML editor and check to edit HTML as a full document in the HTML Settings section.

HTML settings

Barcode Settings

In order to set up the scanner in Store Manager for OpenCart, you need to click on this tab. The scanner is handled as a keyboard by default. This allows you to make a quick search of products by code.

There is no need to input code manually, since you can do it simply scanning the code and it will be filled in the search field and there will be shown results matching your request (if there are any).

In case you select input type “Handle as bar-code scanner” and choose the device, a bar-code scanner will perform definite operations depending on the section of Store Manager you are currently viewing.

For example, if at the moment of code scanning you will have opened the window for POS, then the products you have just scanned, will be automatically added to the list.

No need to select each position and press 'Enter' to append new goods.

Barcode settings