3.5 Export Products


Export OpenCart Products wizard will help you to export your products from OpenCart to .csv files.

To start Export procedure you need to click on OpenCart “Import/Export Product”. Import/Export Wizard dialog window will appear:

Export Wizard

In order to be able to start exporting operation, perform a few steps:

1) Select "Export" - save OpenCart products to comma-separated values file format (.csv);

2) Store Manager can export products from OpenCart to CSV file. You should enter the filename or select one to be replaced:

3) “Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character” page has some important settings.

The first option is delimiter character. You can choose the separator fields data from the drop-down. It can be a comma, semicolon or tab character.

You must choose the right delimiter, because of the incorrect choice of delimiter can cause, that the file will not be parsed properly and products will not be exported.

The second option "Quote string values with" is used to separate strings in CSV file. Specify two first settings as shown below and click 'Next' button to proceed.

Select delimiters

4) The next Import Wizard page includes 'Base Formats' and separators. They can be set by default.

Base formats

5) Select fields you want to be exported:

Select fields you want to export

All available fields, that can be exported, are listed in the left pane of the window .

Button to link fields

Select those fields you want to be exported and click button to move them to the right.

If you wish to set some other caption than the default, you can specify target column name ("Target Column Name" field).

Starting from Store Manager ver. you can select and add the Options and Attributes field values to export as well, see an illustration below:

Attributes and Options fields during exporting

Take a note, starting from the released version of Store Manager for OpenCart (i.e. v. the fields related to the special price values can be exported as well and you can find necessary data among the other fields to export:

Special price fields to export

The fields which are transferred to the right will be exported. Make sure you have selected all necessary data for exporting before following to the next step.

6) In order to export all products of your store you should check All products”. If you wish to export only selected ones - choose "Selected Products” option.

Export options

“Export Image Method” section allows you to import images for the product. You can choose, where you would like to upload pictures from - your local computer (in this case you need to have only image names in your CSV file like product_image_1.jpg) or external web URLs (in case you have image URLs from your supplier like http://supplierstore.com/bulkimages/image.jpg). Please note, that in order to import images, you have to set-up a proper FTP connection.

Multiple string values are used to separate strings in CSV file.

7) ‘Export Options Preview’ - there you can see basic information about your export settings. This window consists of several sections.

You can change your data, clicking on “Change” button.

If you press Export” button, the export procedure will be run.

8) Preview OpenCart Export is the last page of OpenCart Import/Export Wizard where you can preview the export results.

Preview export

If you don't want to perform any action after saving OpenCart export data, use "Nothing" option and Wizard will be automatically closed when you press Finish button.

If you choose to open a directory, containing result file, check corresponding option. “Open result file” option allows you to see export file opened in Excel.

All columns, delimiters, and other information can be saved directly in import/export wizard or into the configuration file and then restored.

Now OpenCart products export is completed. You can press “Finish”.

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