3.2.1 Specify Discount, Specials and Reward Points in Bulk


Store Manager for OpenCart functional supports the multiple operations.

If you select some products on Products page you are able to modify their details at once - by using the appropriate option in the top toolbar.

Edit products in Bulk option

You will see the Edit form is activated at the bottom. Choose the tab which data need to be modified.

Edit form activated

The form of 'Specials' serves for indicating the special condition by which the customers of the corresponding group get the price value differ (lower as usual) than the other users. Prescribe the customer group name, priority of product quantity, price value and date range to create the special offer and launch the condition.

Do not forget to press 'Apply' once all changes are done.

Press 'Apply' option

As you can see the special offer observes in the details of the selected products.

The ‘Discount’ tab represented by a list of discounts provided to the customer under certain conditions:

Discount tab
    • Customer group - selected group of customers which the current discount offer can be applied to;
    • Quantity - the units of the products which are required to activate the discount;
    • Priority means depending on the position (1,2,3 etc) in such order the discount will be applied (placed). If it has 1 position - will be taken first of all , the 2 position - in the second order (place) and so on.
    • Price - the price value with the discount;
    • The last ones - the date range of the discount availability.

Fill all necessary fields and press the button to apply the discount for the highlighted positions.

Reward Points - this is an assignment of the appropriate points for a purchase(bonuses) which can be converted into a cash equivalent or some discount for subsequent purchases at the store.

You can evaluate the product with a certain amount of rewards that the customer will receive after ordering.

Reward Points

Specify reward points for each customers group separately and press ‘Apply’ to save the entries.

You can see modifications in all selected products details.

Check the guide, represented below, to get additional information on export/import process of Reward Points via Store Manager's Wizard:

How to Import/Export OpenCart Reward Points

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