6.1 Order Operations. Point of Sale (POS functionality)


Order Operations

You may add new order, edit selected one, delete order, edit customer information in Store Manager for OpenCart using the Orders toolbar:

Order toolbar

To delete an order from your selected store database, select one or many orders, and click on the 'Delete' button

Delete option

You may also edit Order payment information and Order details, using Store Manager for OpenCart.To edit orders select the order(s) you want to change information on and choose the ‘Edit Selected Order’ tab on the toolbar, or use the pop-up context menu.

Point of Sale Edit button

Information available for editing includes the following details: customer, order, payment, shipping details, data about vouchers, ordered products and order history:

‘Add new order’ - to be able to add new order for existing customers, you may click on 'Add New Order’ button in Orders toolbar:

Once you choose the customer from the ‘Customer’ field, drop-down list- all other data related to this customer will be filled in automatically.

If you need to correct certain data, just click on an appropriate field.

When all changes are done, don’t forget to press 'Apply' button to save your changes to store database.

To generate invoice for the selected order - hit the same-named option in the toolbar:

Invoice option

To make Totals area visible on the Orders page, press the appropriate option from the top toolbar:

Totals area

Modify customer information related to the particular order position you can perform by using the button in the top toolbar:

Edit customer form

Point of Sale

There are two methods to use ‘Point of sale’ functionality: manual method and via barcode scanner.

Manual method allows you to search required products and attach them to an order using corresponding buttons in the window. It consists of the following fields:

Point of Sale sections

Filed 1 - allows you to add products to an order. Press ‘Search’ button and find from the drop-down product list the required one, double click on it and this product will be displayed in the table below.

You can manually change: quantity, using “+” and “-” keys; pressing “Enter” to edit quantity; double clicking “Enter” to edit price.

Take a note, if you select the product with options, you can choose the appropriate product variation in POS. You will get the fields with the drop-down lists of available variants below:

Choose product option in POS

The total price of the order will be adjusted depending on the chosen option and its cost.

Filed 2 - for product search according to certain criteria, such as: name, SKU, model, UPC. You can check several or all of them:

Field 3- customer information field. It may be found in the right section of the window. Using “Search” button from the list of customers, you can select the required one (image“field 3”).

You may edit a customer address, if required, press ‘Edit customer addresses’ button (1) or use F3 button on keyboard and then press near the address field (2).

Field 4 - allows to specify information about delivery and payment methods (these operations are available if bridge php file is uploaded via FTP), order status (you can choose an appropriate order status from the drop-down list).

Field 5 - consists of the command panel buttons that facilitate and speed up the process of order design.

Lower POS options

You can: quickly calculate change for purchase, set detailed product search, create and print invoice and barcode scanner settings (check in Settings / Preferences / Barcode Settings / Handle as barcode scanner and choose an active device.

It will be enough to scan product barcode and you will see full information about it and the customer that have placed this order.

In addition, starting from the version 2.2.0 Build:1205 of Store Manager for OpenCart you are able to print the receipt for the current order straight out the Point of Sale window.

You can see the following option in 'Scanner Settings' button:

Receipt options extra button

The 'Settings' form appears where you can choose the printer and format of the certain receipt and press 'OK' to start printing:

Receipt Settings page

You can make some changes or use command panel buttons in the bottom of the window.

To get an invoice on the particular order use the button 'Create & Print' (F12) - the invoice will be generated automatically.

Please note, starting from the version 2.1.1:1125 of Store Manager for OpenCart you are able to create the new order without leaving the Point of Sale section (see the screenshot from the updated version):

Create New Order button

In case you need to close the POS - just press the 'Exit' button on the right.

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