3.1.1 Product Edit Form


Edit product form represents with the following tabs:

Edit product form

General tab

Š”ontains the product name's field, and Meta details to improve the ability to search the product in the Internet network, such as meta products tags, meta tag title (it is a mandatory field), tag description, tag keyword.

Description area - on the right you can enter some text which the best represents the current product on the Front-End. By using the HTML editor you can prepare content in the HTML mode.

Description area

Data tab

Specify a model, add to the main product details an additional data:

  • use the identifier code for the product - SKU, UPC, EAN, Man. Jan, Isbn - the most relevant to your store; assign the image by using the local location or via FTP server, set the price value, tax class and quantity of the creating product, specify minimum quantity, which the user can order on during purchasing; indicate the appropriate location of the product and stock status - in stock or out of stock;you can also specify parameters of the product (weight, length, width, height), if necessary, by filling the appropriate fields in the form.

The status field allows making the product visible or invisible at the store.

Data tab

Do not forget to press 'Apply' to save all filled details.

Categories tab

Shows category tree of the store with the possibility to assign the product to the necessary category positions.

Catgories tab

Once it opened press 'Quick Add' to upload the Categories tree on the left. Double clicking on the category position or pressing the 'Add' button below allows assigning products to the selected category(ies).

The whole list of the assigned positions will be reflected on the right.

Add and Quick Add options

Do not forget to press 'Apply' button to keep the assignments.

Apply option

Attributes tab

Helps assign an attribute to the selected item. All previously created attributes which are placed in the Attributes section can be linked to the products from this tab.

Attributes tab

Hit 'Quick Add' button to open the actual attribute groups list, where you can choose the one(s) you need.

Quick Add option to open attributes list

Press ''Add' to link selected attributes to the appropriate product:

Add button

Specify some text to characterize the selected positions for each store view.

Specify text to attributes

Do not forget to press 'Apply' button below to keep the assignments.

Options tab

Relates to the same-named section of Store Manager. All created and available options and values can be viewed and assigned to the product in the current tab.

Add new option tab

On the right side 'Add New' button calls the available options list, from which you are able to choose the necessary positions.

Add selected options button

In the right side, you should see the selected options and choose the necessary values. Press 'Add New' button to open the drop-down option values list:

Add new button to open option values list

Then you can choose the appropriate variants and specify necessary details (i.e. quantity, price prefix (increase or decrease the cost), price, points etc in the corresponding fields:

Choose option values

If you need to choose couple values one-by-one, just press 'Add New' to add an extra field:

Add New field value

Once all details are filled do not forget to press 'Apply' to keep your entries.

Please note, to make certain option obligatory for filling at product creation step just mark the necessary positions with the ticks on the left:

Mark the appropriate checkbox

By using the top toolbar of the current tab you are able to:

  • transfer data to a separate file of the appropriate format - 'Export Grid' .
Export Grid list
  • delete selected record(s) from a list:
Remove options

Images tab

Assign the appropriate illustrations to the selected product. Find and assign images from the local system of your computer or use the catalog with the files on your FTP server to attach media to the product data.

To find necessary images on the FTP server.

Add from FTP

Assign couple images to the one product and potential user could better preview interesting item on the product page.

3. Delete option allows clear list from the selected image(s). You can find the necessary option one of the following ways:

Remove options

Do not forget to press 'Apply' button and your latest updates will be saved.

Images tab - 'Apply' button

Reward points tab

Set the points (bonuses) for a group of customer that can be received for made purchase.

Rewards points

These points can be used at your discretion as for the discounts or monetary equivalent or future purchases.

Downloads tab

Shows the list of downloads on the current record, if any. You can transfer all positions to the file by using the 'Export Grid' option from the toolbar.

Downloads tab

Related products tab

Adds and shows items which have the similarity in their properties or functions and can be merged in one product listing.

Related products tab

For example, looking for the player you can see on the same page the different versions of the similar positions and can make the best choice to purchase.

Related product on the Front-End

Design tab

Allows getting selected products visible not only on the product page but on the other layouts of the Front-End.

Choose from the drop-down list positions, where an item will be shown as well.

Select layout for each store in the list.

Design tab

Stores tab

Serves for assignment item to the appropriate store. In case you manage the multi-store check the store(s) position(s) you want the current product will be assigned to.

Stores tab