Import Product Options & Values

To start importing you should prepare the file with the appropriate data.

The columns which contain options and option values should look like:

File to import

Please note, in case multilingual store and to be able to add options and values to each store view you should have the appropriate columns with different language positions in the file to import (with the language ISO code in each column headings).

Launch the import wizard and go through the steps identical to the simple import products process:

Import products wizard

1. Specify the file to which you want to transfer the appropriate data .

Import file name

2. Select delimiters for multiple values:

Select fields delimiters step

3. In the mapping, step assigns the fields with product options and values to the corresponding columns of the export file.

Link columns to database fields

4. On the import options step take into account the Options&Values area - i.e. ‘Regenerate products and values’ field.

Options&Values field

Now you can launch the import procedure and preview results on the next - Summary- step of the import wizard.

Summary step of import

To be able to get acquainted on such possibility of Store Manager - check the following article from the Useful Article page

How to import Product Options & Values in OpenCart?

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