Form for Trial Users


This chapter is for the users of the trial version of Store Manager for OpenCart!

If you run the trial (unregistered) version of Store Manager for OpenCart - each time while program is launching you can see the appropriate pop-up message of the following view:

Trial Welcome page

The 'Trial Status Form' offers the following actions you are able to perform the next:

Actions list

Proceed Trial (action 1) - continue use the trial version of Store Manager for OpenCart. Current action is expedient when your trial license key is still active. Otherwise, it will be excluded.

Order Now (action 2) contains the direct link to the official site of Store Manager for OpenCart, where you can place an order and, as a result, get the lifetime license of the software.

If you have already placed an order but still not register program with the new license key - choose the 'Register' (action 3) position and specify the license key which you have got after purchase.

Register option

In the upper side of the form you can see the information on the rest of the days until the trial period will be expired.

Trial days rest

Take a note the lower options - you can get directly to our support center page or to the page of your license account depending on which one you have chosen:

Lower options