4.1.1 Edit Customer Form


To change or modify the customer’s data you need to open the Editor form.

Select the customer in the Customers list and press the appropriate button in the top toolbar:

The lower customers grid will be activated for editing.

You will see the following tabs:

1. Content

The tab consists the personal data of the customer, i.e.: customer group which the selected customer belongs to, customer's first and last names, email, phone/fax number, password - the code which is used during login to the

store's page (registration access details at the store) etc. Take into account the fields with the asterisks - they are mandatory and need to be filled in the form.

In addition, to be able to get an access to the account in the store the customer’s login data should be approved. Check ‘Yes’ variant in the corresponding field of the Content tab:

Approved field

2. Addresses

An availability of the customer address is important for ordering the products and their delivering (shipping).

The address data of the customer, such as country (state, in addition), street, postcode, zone etc can be added to the address list by using the button in the upper toolbar:

Add address button

or you can delete the record by clicking on the 'Remove' button:

Remove Address button

3. History

The information in such tab related to the comments which the customer left previously. You can add the comments to the particular user by pressing the corresponding button:

Add history option

Do not forget to hit ‘Apply’ option to save the entries.

4. Transactions

You can add the transaction(s) to the customer manually there. Press ‘Add’ button and specify the transaction’s description and the amount of the paid.

Add transaction button

Each transaction which is added will be reflected in the current tab. ‘Apply’ option allows you to approve last changes.

5. Reward Points

The tab displays points of rewards provided that this option is enabled on the back-end side of the store.

On the Customers page in 'Reward Points' tab you can add some bonus directly to the particular customer. Click on the 'Add' button and specify the reason in the Description field as well as the number of points in the appropriate column.

Reward Points tab - Add button

Activate the updates by pressing the ‘Apply’ button.

To delete record from the existing list use the same-named option in the toolbar:

Remove Reward Points button

6. IP Addresses

Address(es) which indicate(s) the location of the customer.

IP addresses tab

Please note, the data in the current tab you cannot edited or changed - the addresses will be added automatically to the customer information.

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