2.2 Category Editing

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To call 'Edit Category' form click one of these buttons:

Add/edit options

You can create the new category or edit the existing one by using the options in the top toolbar- . They open the similar form for editing.

Add-Edit form

You should fill the field with necessary details.

General tab divided into the two sub-tabs:

- 'main' - specify the name of the Category, metadata: tags, description, keywords

Main sub-tab

The field with the asterisk are mandatory and requered to be filled.

- 'description' - type the text which describes the current category.

Description sub-tab

If you manage the multi-store you can specify main details and description for each store view separately - just switching between the tabs:

Category multi-store tabs

Data tab contains the other additional details which can be prescribed to the current category:

Data tab
  • Parent Category - Specify Parent category here if one exists. The default is Root Catalogue, meaning the category will be a top-level category. If you select an existing category the new category will be created as a sub-category of the one you selected.
  • You can set the status of selected category: on the top of the list or not and enabled/disabled in the Store.
  • SEO Keywords tab helps you to expand search limits (parameters) for the product and thus facilitate its best sales. You can use this option only if it is enabled in the Admin Panel.
  • For example, to 'MP3 players' category, you can set this SEO keyword as 'mp3-players'. so you get the category's URL like "www.myonline_shop.com/mp3-players" etc.
  • Select an Image by clicking on the next option:
Image field

Design tab allows you set the layout of the appropriate field. If you want to know how it looks on the page you should acquaint with them in front-end of your store because the one-page layout has the different type from another one.

Design tab

Otherwise, you can leave this field blank.

Stores tab - select a store where you would like to add the category from the appropriate drop-down menu. By default new category is created for all stores managed by the admin, but you can select one of the available stores to create the category in.

Stores tab

The separate area belongs to the image section.

Category image area

- browse contents of your local folders and select an image. When you press OK button on edit form it will be uploaded to

"Images directory" on FTP. When local image selected, this field will display local image path like C:\My Images\some_image.jpg. But local image path will be replaced with image name some_image.jpg right after upload.

Select image option

- select some image stored remotely. It's done by browsing contents of FTP folder specified as "Images directory";

Remove section

- remove image from the category assignment.

Consider the following guides on the basic operations with the categories' details via Store Manager for OpenCart functional - it can be useful for you:

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